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The following catalogues will allow you to draw inspiration for your own Corian interiors and help you take a better care of your unique products. The brochures present available colours, suggested styles and finished products. Corian is used in various environments. You can see numerous examples of its applications around the world.


Corian Colour Palette 2017

Corian Showertray Bathtubs

Dupont Corian Kitchen & Bathroom 2016

DuPont Corian (Complete Colour Palette)

DuPont Corian World

DuPont Corian Interiors

DuPont Corian in your Kitchen

DuPont Corian Use and Care

Corian Colour Palette 2017

Corian Colour Palette 2017 consists of colour compositions that match the needs of different kinds of customers.

  • If you want the interior to be calm and relaxing, take a look at the „City Life” collection. Unique shades of grey, beige and white are a perfect solution for elegant bathrooms and kitchens.
  • „Urban Freedom” is a colour collection full of dynamism and energy. Vivid colours (yellow, orange, aubergine, green, red and more) enliven the interiors and work both in home bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in public places.
  • For those who want to experience the mysterious beauty of dark tones, „Night Time” would be the best choice. The material imitates the night sky in different versions. We offer both plain and speckled textures.
  • You can feel the dynamics and diversity of urban life hanks to the „Metropolis” colour palette. Grey, brown, silver and pewter seem to work together perfectly. The material offers a high level of translucency for fascinating lighting effects.
  • „Earth Heritage” is a palette for people who like contact with nature. Natural colours – browns, greys and golds – are enriched with an interesting texture. Corian in this version is great for counters, workstations and counter tops.
  • If you like sentimental and classic style, „Country Paths” will definitely meet your expectations. The natural colours from this palette will take you to the peaceful countryside and bring you peace and relaxation.
  • „Boreal Lights” is a set of pastel colours referring to the beautiful light phenomenon – the northern lights. Coldness, calmness and colourfulness are the perfect combination for bathrooms, spas and pools.
  • The above colour sets are perfectly complemented by the „Mountain Rocks” palette. It allows you to create unusual, bold interiors. It is more feisty, and, at the same time, adds elegance and class to your bathroom or kitchen.

See the full Corian colour palette and choose the best option for you.

DuPont™ Corian® Shower Trays and Bathtubs

See the unique collection of shower trays and bathtubs by Corian. This innovative material gives endless creative possibilities and freedom to build spaces adapted to your own taste.
The rich colour palette of Corian makes it fit easily in various interior styles. Elegant forms of Corian bathroom vanities create intimate spaces that reflect personality of their owner.

Modern, versatile design and technical features of Corian make every bathroom more attractive.
Learn more about the entire DuPont™ Corian® product range: sinks, basins, shower trays, bathtubs, and counters. See the catalogue available on our website.

DuPont™ Corian® Kitchen and Bathroom

Corian collection of sinks and basins is diverse and adapted to the expectations of different clients. Among the products in this category, everyone can find the perfect solution for their own, unique and personalised kitchen or bathroom.

Sinks and basins are available in many colours and styles, with additional features such as overlay branded drain cover, branded flash drain cover or improved overflow.

DuPont™ Corian® Around the World

Corian for restaurants, cafes and hotels
Corian can make beautiful and practical installations, as it is able to transform to almost any design vision. It works alongside other materials used in interior design: steel, timber, glass, stone. Discover its potential in a wide variety of products in hospitality industry: work surfaces, dining tables, bar tops, serveries, kitchen sinks and many more.

Corian for homes

Corian combines the practical and wipe-clean surfaces with artistic adaptability. You can select from various styles and colour choices. Add Corian to creative lighting design: free-standing lamps, custom wall-cladding or even stock furniture installations to get unique combinations of material, shape, space, light-source and reflection.

Corian for commerce

Corian can create astonishing retail spaces: display systems, cashiers desks, fitting room furniture, doors, drawers, exhibition areas, indoor decorations and decorative shop fronts, modular display stands and many, many more. The material can serve whatever purpose is asked of it, which makes it versatile and convenient.

Corian for public service

Public or high-traffic use requires thinking long term about the quality of products. Durability and maintenance, however, are not the only features to focus on. Products should also be pleasing, uplifting and inspiring. Corian successfully solves these challenges, as you can observe all around the world: in museums, galleries, educational buildings, lobbies, leisure facilities, airports etc.

Corian for healthcare and education

Corian is a perfect material for hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, dental facilities, treatment rooms and research facilities. It offers sustainability, high standards of hygiene and elegance. The material also meets the expectations of the education industry and its facilities: schools, day care centres, training facilities, language schools, libraries and other educational institutions.

DuPontTM Corian® Use & Care

A special brochure on how to care for and clean Corian surfaces is available on our website. The guidelines help use and care for Corian properly wherever it is installed. The material responds best when handled with care and caution. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain and resistant to damage.
Learn how to use and clean your Corian sinks, basins, showers, counters, workstations and other surfaces. Help it keep its beautiful appearance and usability for many years.

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    We believe we are unique; every one of our projects is bespoke. We specialise in fabrication of high
    quality bathroom vanities and kitchen worktops.


    We believe we are unique; every one of our projects is bespoke. We specialise in fabrication of high quality bathroom vanities and kitchen worktops.

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