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Whether designing a new bathroom or kitchen or renovating an existing one, you need products that not only match the latest design trends, but also stand the test of time. Solid surface materials can be timeless. It’s a good idea to invest in solutions that will be equally delightful today, tomorrow and many years from now.

DuPont™ Corian® is perfect for this task. The material has been in use for over 30 years. It has been innovated over that time with an emphasis on excellent design and use in a wide range of applications. What makes it so versatile and practical?

Its design qualities such as stain resistance, invisible joins and a wide range of colours make Corian a beautiful asset to any space. Practical features, on the other hand, extend its use in various facilities.

We present examples of interior design inspiration using Corian. Explore numerous possibilities!

Ash Concrete Spa

The seemingly austere appearance of the bathroom gives the impression of coolness and simplicity. At the same time, however, it is exceptionally elegant and relaxing. It is a perfect solution for spas, hotels, health facilities and, of course, for your own bathroom.

Bathroom Showertray Smart

It is a combination of practical use with an attractive, modern look. Corian allows us to create an exclusive shower stalls and trays that are both comfortable and easy to maintain.

Corian New Tradition Peace

People who like traditional styles, but at the same time are looking for solutions that match the 21st century trends, should check the possibilities offered by Corian. Classic design, a wide range of colours and many possibilities to create custom decorations in bathrooms and kitchens.

Urban Serenity

Urban lifestyle has many faces. Simplicity doesn’t have to mean minimalism, and utility doesn’t have to contradict beauty. Bathrooms and kitchens equipped with Corian products prove it best.

Cosmos Prima Shower

The wall of the bathroom may resemble a cosmic space. It can also refer to other themes. Corian allows you to create a unique surface and the only limit is your imagination. You choose the theme, we implement your visions in bathrooms, kitchens and other interiors.

Corian Bathtubs

The features of an ideal bathtub include: attractive and comfortable design, durability and easy cleaning. Corian products have all these qualities. We successfully adapt bathtubs to your needs and preferences.

The photos of finished Corian bathrooms and kitchens speak for themselves. Let them move your imagination and inspire you to create a truly unique interior.

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    We believe we are unique; every one of our projects is bespoke. We specialise in fabrication of high
    quality bathroom vanities and kitchen worktops.


    We believe we are unique; every one of our projects is bespoke. We specialise in fabrication of high quality bathroom vanities and kitchen worktops.

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